Welcome to Eddie Canis folders of art

But first some stuff and Nonscense
Updated July 25th, 2004

Finished my self Pawtrait, This is to show how I am colored.

Thanks again Brady for use of scanning and web.
Stuff and nonsense is my weekly art panel. It is my hope that I can update Every week. It generaly my take on a drawing, why I drew it etc. The new stuff will go up first and then I will work my way backwards.

Welcome to the new test bed for Eddie Canis art. I am going to a very simple design here. It consist of art folders list so I can concentrate on art and not web design.

My folder of year 1998 stuff drawn
My folder of year 1999 stuff drawn
My folder of year 2000 stuff drawn
My folder of year 2001 stuff drawn
My folder of year 2002 stuff drawn
My folder of year 2003 stuff drawn
My folder of year 2004 stuff drawn
My folder of comic links and stuffstuff
My folder of job? stuff (resuma online and junk)
Musing from me and ideas for future stuff

Links to some of the people I call friends

Announcing Free Name badges.

Send me a SASE to

Kevin McIntyre
1168 Villa flora drive
O'fallon, Mo 63366.

He will bring them over to my house and I will let you know when I get them.

These will be normal con badge size drawing.They will be colored with pencils and have safety pin on back.

A printout of your desc would be helpful as well as any references you can point me to. You can email that stuff to mcintyrekevin@hotmail.com or throw it in the envelope. Watch this website for more infomation.

I will also do just drawing if you want. My scanner broken so you will have to just be happy with me mailing any art I do. My live journal is here
If you want to help me out and make me feel like a artist please donate. The donation will go towards books/paper/pencil/ SCULPTY :). And other art type expenses.

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