Eddie_Canis 1998 works.

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                        Right to left.
                        New Dog around with back pack of stuff and walking stick
                        Same drawing colored in ms paint
                        Fox Computer repair. a muck friend that no longer mucks with this charter
                        Haystack on a haystack. ( a real cool raccoon).
                        New dog around just chatting
                        New dog around just chilling with his paw in his pocket
                        New dog around face shot
                        New dog around side view
                         (yes I drew my charter a lot. I knew I had permission to do it :)  )
                        A study of paws
                        Fox with camra.(one of his hobbies)
                        Fox with Padres shirt (at that time he was in California
                        Fox with more camera gear.
                        Another Fox and camera gear
                        My attempt at furry humor, a joke a bout pray and predators, and dinner.
                        Fox Repairing a computer
                        New dog again just chatting.
                        Forgot who this was. Someone ask me to draw them and I did.
                        Yip. a very funny little dog that did not know what taco bell was.  I really miss him.
                        Again Yip under the couch in the artist den.
                        Another fur fall victim to my art enthusiasm.

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