Eddie_Canis drawing of ill repute, 1999

(from Left to right)
A) Angry Dave on Furrymuck and his Clue by four.
B) Arakis, a large spider I met on Furrymuck
C) A badge idea I wanted drawn for Duckcon 99
D) A radium pirate draw on a wooden ship.

A) Brad Hot horn in color , after someone hid his coffee,(note never do that to him).
B) A rat getting stuck trying to move a wheel of cheese.  basically more humor
C) Jut land, or my interpretation of him. Part 1
D) Quick and dirty Eddie_Canis drawing done in MS paint for a web counter that I no longer use
A) Goth kitten of Furrymuck, by request
B) A second one of the Goth kitten sitting under a tree
C) A Down bull, I had bad ear cake that day.
D) Dream wolf or something like it.
A) Eapa and Evilandy of Furrymuck.  if you knew them it makes sence.
B) NDA sitting on a bench trying to draw something.
C) What do you know art reflect real life. Hong Kong Ducky,  a holloween costume I made for a work costume contest. The face was white arcrlic paint and the hands were yellow Acrlic paint. BTW I don't recomend you putting acrlick on your body like that, it itches...... A LOT.  I won third place though.
D)  Hyper,  a dog I use to know that winned, I never been drawn. so I did. I like it, he didnt.

A)  I dabled in super sculpty and made this neat pin which latter got lost before I could finish it.
B) Jacklyn of Furrymuck did this awsome drawing of me and I had to try to return the favor.
C) Jutland in full kilt and sword and shield.
D) A study of Plentigrade and Digitgrade legs.
A)  A joke with someone I can't rember. for a while we had websites right next to each other.
B) oh my goodness, I studing for my high paying career in computers *snort*
C) Pitcher of myself so a fur could find me at my first furry con. and Yes I made DAMN sure I was wearing the same outfit when we meet.
D) Robodog,dat.. ba da ba.. Robodog..:)  watch too many cartoons back then.
A) A real life study of a statue under the Saint Louis Arch (in the musum under the Arch)
B) Look at me lamly coloring with ms-paint.
C) Shui ni drawing, I drew this from a photo and added the head and stuff.
D) Termintaur,  A nice metal mintaur on Furrymuck.
A) A cheer up drawing I did, I had a lot of friends going through rough times at that time.
B) Winterbeast of Furrymuck full side view
C) Winterbeast of Furrymuck feet study
D)  Wendall of Furrymuck sitting on a bench.
A) wendal of Furrymuck telling me to keep drawing.  encourging me in the begining
B)Furs in the park being blow by wind. Drawing wind
C) Winterbeast of Furrymuck again. He didn't mind being drawn

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