Eddie Still not there yet drawing.

A) Jack Rabbitson 3d pin I made out of sculpty
B) Sfox in pawdray hat in a coloring stage
C) Sfox some pre color
D) horse I drew for Jutland. a good friend of mine.

A) Sfox again, coloring fun... WEEEEE
B) request art, waldon I think, a dolphin no antro as posible
C) Request Art Waldon, on a surf board
D) what I finaly gave waldon for his request.

A) Waldon Again, must not of liked the scan I gave of him before.
B) a gray donkey pin that looks like a disney charter (durcell AA for scale)
C) Gray Donkey Face.  Again to scale
D) me and I think Glum? in his monlith form

A) Another one of me and Glum, or just the same one scan twice.
B) Glum in his hydra form this was fun to draw
C) the first Suberban Jungle guest strip EVER :)
D) Another scan of it, glad to do it for Gneech.
A) A christmas Roo sculpture
B) Another shot
C)Another Shot
D) last shot,  Was put to up for sale to benift tiger haven don't know how much it went for.

jack unfished.jpgjack.JPGmanysize.jpgmarchhare.JPG
A) Jackrabbitson pin painted white.
B) Jackrabbitson pin last shot, I wish I knew where that got off too.
C) A drawing of furs of diffrent scales.
D) funny thing happen at a con and I had to draw a cartoon of it.

A) A joke drawing I drew a long time ago when I was sharing web site and that artist was right next to me.
B) for the gennech , a furry ARRRRrrrrrr ties :)
C) my first sculpture, made for some roo friends, they still have it
D) another shot of the roo.

A) The last roo shot.
B) saw this macroplayer get a massage and desided to draw him getting a massage by little fur
C) LIke the general feel of this one, a Horse morph sack out in my appartmen
D) another scan of drawing.

Thumb nails made with IrfanView

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