"Here are my Favorite on-line comic, Right now they are all furry (at least one of the main charters are furry). I will link to the pages as soon as I get permission.


A comic strip of a group of furs in collage.  Very well drawn and the humor is enjoyable.  Plus the charters are growing and evolving as they grow older. Created by Vince Suzukawa.

Great Comic about some cats and some wolf. I really enjoy reading this one the arts good and the writing just as good.

This is a very funny strip.  A group of baby dragons, (they are still in there 100s) that live in a forest.. Pokes fun at almost anything.  It been a good ride and one I look forward to every day. Created by Tim Dawson, who only 18 years old, YIKES.

    Created by Bill Holbrock, A Rabbit and Wolf meet on-line and marry and that just the
    beginning.  Very good humor with Many story, something to tune into to see what will
     happen next.

A Very fun strip about a group of pets that run a small TV station and there owner.  Well drawn and layout and good story too.
Created by Thomas a dye.

A funny little comic about a squirrel that wants to fly and all his friends. Good humor and clean, you can take your 7 year old here without fear of adult situations. Enjoyable and has some moral value, not too bad for your click time. Created by Albert c Pena and Richard Tackett.

Semi Weekly

Oren the otter was a human that got transform  to otter in a company.  It been a great read so far and the humor makes me laugh.  I hope he keeps it up for a while. The place is set in a crossroad dimension and all sort crazy thing happen.
he did stop at one time because he thought people did not like his strip. If you do e-mail him :)

I know it a large button, but Susan Parkin did send me this to help link to her site:). I do enjoy the Artwork on this one as the story ok :)

"DOGGIE", no it a genetic wolf, A very funny strip. A space engineer wolf, A robot, and I don't know what it is.  A good read. Also you may learn a few things for it.  Mark has a way of teaching as well as entertaining. They also recently got a color archive.  Created by Mark Stanly

Created by Albert Temple, this comic is a upbeat and fun read.  He has a great attitude on life and I find this comic inspirational to me. I love cotton Taylor, and I also enjoy Gene adventures.

I really enjoy this comic. It has proven worthy of my click and load time every time I read it.  It about a super model Tigress named Tiffiny. She has a dream of being a super model but has to work in a computer company to survive until her dreams come true.  Her best friends are a cheetah name dover, a lion named Leonard, a panda name yin le.  This strip is very family friendly and something you can show your non furry friends and they will get it. I enjoy this strip every day it up :) . Created by The Gneech

nip and tuck.
Here one that caught me recently.  Nip and tuck  are a couple of good old boys just having fun.  I been enjoying the lay back humor and the contry flavor. This is a tue thur sat strip created by Ralph E Hayes Jr.


Academy Vale
A comic staring a rabbit and a cat, that work in a book store or a copy shop, haven't deterred yet.  The humor is good and the art is of a really good quality.  It infrequent but A good read nether the less.  Created by Andrew Thompson.
West Corner of the Park.
    Created by Jim Groat, it deals with the antics of all the furrys on furrymuck.  infequently updated, but when he get me he get me ROTFL good.


This one is worth the WAIT.  The art and color are superb, and on top of that I loving the story too. Created by a team of three people, Spellshoked is defiantly one that I hope continues for a long time.

You Want More?!?.   Ok ,ok,  I found out someone was doing this already so here a link to that page.  Wouldn't you know someone beside me would have this Idea.
check out www.belfry.com/comics.html.  well this page will grow because of them. As I read more strips, I will post my take on the strip. Have fun, laugh a lot.

I know there are more out there that I don't know of so e-mail me and let me know where to find them, I'll check them out and post them up here, when I get a chance :)

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