Mussing and thoughts
Mussing and thoughts

Or some things I like to do in the future

I have been pretty good at drawing a bit lately, not much I want to show on the site. If I scanned and uploaded every half finished doodle It be a BLOAT site. I don't want that. A lot of it just a bit of heads here, and body junk.

I don't have a scanner anyway but will probly highjack bradys once evey two weeks or so so I can keep it fresh on this site. I only really scan it if I think it not too crappy or someone will like it.
it was thrilling, I saw that there was 20 hits so that means somone is looking :) yeah. I know it not me , I don't look at the site execpt to make sure it all right after uploads
Soon, well one day, I will have some pitchers of my sculpty up. Dad camra is working now so all I got to do is find the time to take them. in real life I pounding the street looking for another job because 7.50 a hour does not cut it for me anymore and no raise does not cut it either. It pound the street or pound the boss and DM and Regional manger head in. The street can take it.